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Modern Summer House

A  modern summer house design on Cordova Bay perfect for windsurfing and swimming right off the open plan living area. A wall of sliding windows opens to expand the living space on to a patio bathed in sun.

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Modern Studio

This modern studio design on Pender Island for a painter is nestled in the woods to provide inspiration and a quiet sanctuary. Natural wood from the local forests contrasts with the modern horizontal metal siding which grounds the structure and adds visual interest .

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West Coast Cabin

We created a quiet escape with this west coast cabin plan for a Vancouver couple who wanted a place to get away from the city on weekends.
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Modern Workshop

A modern workshop doesn’t have to look like a workshop.

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West Coast Modern

This West Coast Modern design is my own home that we designed and built in 2004. It was the first time I really started to explore less conventional building materials.

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Young Cottage

This modern cottage addition on Pender Island has clean lines and natural materials which allow it to blend in with the trees and rocks, and still offers an interesting facade. Details are slowly revealed as you approach along a winding path.

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Pender Island Passive House

The first Pender Island Passive House! The plans are done and we have our building permit. The framing is now mostly complete, so the next step is roofing and windows. This is a very difficult lot for a Passive House but we did it. The house faces west/north west with a wall of trees to the south so the energy balance is tricky. When planning windows in a Passive House, we balance the solar gains to utilise the free energy from the sun while minimising the risk of overheating.

Occupants of a Passive House enjoy optimum comfort, excellent indoor air quality and also use up to 90% less energy for space heating. One of the most important aspects of a Passive House is that it does not require the occupants to change the way they live. Furthermore there are no complicated mechanical systems or computer controls. Just enjoy your comfortable, draft free, healthy home. Watch this space for updates!

Disher Cottage

Disher Cottage is still under construction, but almost finished. This 1000 sq/ft cottage on Pender Island is being built to replace the trailer and cabins that the owners have enjoyed for over 35 years. Extreme care was taken in the planning stage to preserve the features of the property and the memories it holds.  Designed for entertaining, an open living area and kitchen with large sliding window wall open on to the patio to accommodate  the extended family in the warmer months. The “front” of the house faces the rear of the lot away from the street so that the occupants can enjoy the privacy of the yard. We have finished the insulation and drywall, and the paint is on the walls, just in time for the summer.