Young Cottage

This modern cottage addition on Pender Island has clean lines and natural materials which allow it to blend in with the trees and rocks, and still offers an interesting facade. Details are slowly revealed as you approach along a winding path.

The clients have owned the property on Pender Island for over 25 years and their young cousin built the original 10’by 10′ cabin. It has been used for summer holidays and family get-togethers since. The cabin has a lot of sentimental value, so it was important to them to retained the original cabin within the modern cottage design. The budget was small so it was necessary to develop an efficient floor plan. The original cabin is now used as the bedroom with ensuite which opens onto a sitting area that bridges the two main spaces of the cottage. We used large windows on both sides of this area to take advantage of the ocean views to the south and a great rock formation to the north. The windows on both sides also open this narrow space to make it feel larger. The main area of the addition includes the kitchen and a small eating area, bathroom and utility closet with stacking washer and dryer. This modern cottage design has a completely open plan which allows the eating area to expand into the kitchen for entertaining or collapses to make lots of room for day to day living. We added a small sleeping loft above the bathroom for the grandchildren which also makes a great fort!

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