Modern Workshop

A modern workshop doesn’t have to look like a workshop.

The client wanted a contemporary, modern workshop design on Pender Island to rebuild and store his exotic cars.  A high ceiling is needed in the main shop area to allow vehicles to be raised on a hoist for servicing. Adding height would risk making the shop visually and physically too high. The local bylaws restrict the maximum allowable height for accessory buildings, so a modern design works well. The solution was a barrel roof which took it’s influence from the existing, contemporary house. This style of roof on a modern workshop, help keep the  height of this building within the bylaws. By off setting the roof elements we got the height needed inside, while creating aesthetic interest that kept the structure visually low as well. Natural stained cedar was used to contrast with the metal and differentiate the building shapes. We chose galvalume corrugated siding as a cost affective, contemporary option that has the added benefit of requiring no maintenance in a location that can remain damp for long periods in the winter months. Clerestory windows provide natural light but don’t waste valuable wall space. The smaller space to the left is for storing and servicing his motorcycle.

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